New York State Bar Exam Pass Rates Have Dropped . . . Again

Nearly six hundred (600) more people failed the New York bar exam in July 2014 than in July 2013 — a 5% increase in students who failed. With the exception of a 1–3% increase in 2013, the pass rates for students who sat for the July administration of the New York bar exam have decreased or remained static every year since 2008.

The pass rate for first time takers from New York ABA-accredited law schools reached 91% in July of 2008. That figure is now down to 83%. Similarly, the overall pass rate for all candidates who sat for exam (first time and repeaters) in July of 2008 was 75 %. In July 2014, the overall pass rate is 65% – a double digit drop!

To what can the continuing decline in the NY exam pass rates over the past seven years be attributed? How are law schools and big bar review courses planning on addressing this dramatic increase in the number of people who are failing the New York bar exam?

Unlike other bar review companies, Marino Bar Review offers a unique Retaker Course for the New York and New Jersey bar exams designed specifically for those candidates who are retaking the bar exam. The course is designed to train students to pass the bar exam. Included in the course are 3 hours of personal tutoring with a Marino-Certified Tutor, Exam Performance Skills Workshops, “Boot Camp” lectures, Memory Boosters™ and full access to the AdaptiBar MBE Online Simulator.

Marino Bar Review provides free evaluations of bar exam score reports.

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