Declining Nationwide Bar Exam Pass Rates

The bar pass rates have been dropping nationwide, particularly in states administering the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). Pass rates have declined (dramatically in some cases) from the July 2013 bar exam to the July 2014 bar exam in the majority of the UBE states. The pass rate for people taking the bar exam dropped a whopping 22% in Montana, 15.2% in Idaho, and 13% in North Dakota. The pass rate is down 7.7% and 7.5% in Arizona and Washington, respectively. Other UBE states reporting a lower pass rate include Alabama, Wyoming, and Utah. Even non-UBE states such as Pennsylvania saw a 7% decrease in its pass rate. While there are a few states that have yet to report their 2014 pass rates, the trend is clear: people are failing the bar exam at higher rates across the country.

This news is troubling, not only for those unsuccessful examinees who will have to retake the bar exam, but it is cause for great concern for law schools across the country. Has something gone wrong to result in such a dramatic decline in the number of people who are passing the bar exam? How are the big bar review courses responding to severe drops in pass rates across the country?

Most bar review courses offer a free repeat of their course to unsuccessful applicants, but is it wise to stick with something that didn’t work the first time? Marino Bar Review offers a unique Retaker Course for the New York and New Jersey bar exams. The course, which includes 3 hours of personal tutoring, trains previously unsuccessful examinees to pass the bar exam. In the midst of declining pass rates across the country, Marino Bar Review students maintained a 96% bar exam pass rate.

Marino Bar Review provides free evaluations of bar exam score reports. Send us your report today.


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