The bar exam is a couple of weeks away!

As students head into their final weeks of studying for the winter bar exam, here are five great tips to remember as you begin your final preparation.

  1. Don’t just study the law, practice applying the law. This is what sets apart Marino Bar Review from other traditional bar review courses. Marino Bar Review incorporates bar performance. As part of the course, we will not only teach you the laws you need to know for the bar exam, but also how to apply them and SCORE POINTS!
  2. Take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. Since Marino Bar Review is completely online, we will give you a very manageable study schedule, and even give you DAYS OFF!
  3. Evaluate where you are and create a plan to get where you want to be. As part of the Marino Bar Review, we give you a complete practice bar exam with graded essays, so you can evaluate where you need to improve.
  4. Plan for bar exam week-Decide if it might be in your best interest to stay near the testing center, make sure you know how to get to the testing site, and make sure to try and RELAX!
  5. It is just a test, but with Marino Bar Review, we will make sure you feel confident on test day!

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