Think like a lawyer!

Tips for the Bar Exam!

As the February bar exam begins to inch ever so closer, here are some tips to remember for not only test day but also to do as part of your study routine for the exam.  When you prep for the bar exam and on test day, remember to take the exam not as a law student but as a future practicing lawyer. THINK LIKE A LAWYER. The bar exam does not simply test your legal knowledge, but actually how to apply the laws, much like a practicing attorney would. When approaching each question and essay, think as them as a puzzle which has multiple solutions, and the best answer usually requires multi-level decision. This simply means to apply macro, multi-level decisions to your answer.

This is why Marino Bar Review is the smart choice for bar review.  Professor Marino’s course will teach you the how to be successful on the bar exam by teaching you not only the laws you need to know for the exam, but also HOW TO APPLY THEM and most importantly, SCORE POINTS.  The heart of Marino Bar Review is the Marino Method. The Marino Method is a well-tested pedagogical approach for successful bar preparation. This method promotes comprehension, memorization, recall, and exam performance by engaging three learning modes: seeing the rules, hearing the rules, and applying the rules.


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