Bar Exam Tip of the Day

For those studying for the February bar exam, by now you have likely received scores back on multiple essays. And very likely you have done poorly on them so far. Our tip of the day is to not worry so much about the scores you are getting and focus on the methods you are being taught.

What’s that? Your bar review course does not teach you essay writing methods? Oh. You must be signed up for one of the other bar review courses. That’s OK. We’ll forgive you. But you should check out Professor Marino’s Famous Essay Writing Workshop. He’ll teach you how to write a bar exam essay to maximize your score when you know the law and how to even score points when you don’t (which, lets face it, is going to happen). 

In the Marino Bar Exam Essay Workshop, you will learn how to read an essay to spot the issue, state the rule the way the bar examiner’s want you to, and how to analyze the facts to make sure you are arguing your point fully. With workshops starting at $95, it would be silly to not learn how to write an essay from the founder of IRAC and the man the New York Law Journal calls the “go-to guy for those in need of bar review.”


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