Can I Still Have Fun While Studying For the Bar Exam?

Yes, but not too much. Just because you are studying for the bar exam, does not mean that you have to stop being yourself. The trick is to budget your time effectively and study smart. There is no need to put in 14 hours of studying in a day when you can get just as much out of 6 or 10 hours. 

Marino Bar Review understands this and has designed its schedule to fit yours. Marino Bar Review offers its bar review course in a variety of schedules – 6 hour, 10 hour,  and weekender – so that no matter what comes up in your life, you wont end up resenting the fact that you are studying for the bar exam.

Professor Marino has spent the better part of four decades preparing students to pass the bar exam and he knows exactly what you are going through. Marino Bar Review is designed with you in mind. For more information, visit our website


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