Marino Bar Review – Online and On-Demand

We have had a lot of questions recently about what we mean when we say that Marino Bar Review is online and on-demand. After all, don’t all bar review courses give you the option to take the course online if you cannot attend in the classroom?  

Yes… and no.

All other bar review courses are designed to be attended live, “in-audience.” Those lectures are recorded and then re-played at locations across the country (this is why most bar review courses charge so much money – room rental). People who get tired of watching a recorded lecture on DVD from a classroom end up watching the lectures online from home. Unfortunately for these students, the lectures were originally intended to be viewed live and quite a lot is lost in translation. Don’t believe us that it is a big deal? Ever watch a Broadway show when it is broadcast on HBO? Moreover, because the lectures are filmed and then sent out, you are forced to watch the lectures on their schedule as they become available.

Marino Bar Review, however, has designed its lectures to be viewed online. Instead of a lecture in front of a podium filmed from a distance, Professor Marino “talks” with you from across his desk. Each bar review lecture is a personal experience. Best of all, Marino Bar Review posts all of its lectures at once, so that you can study at your pace.

Interested in learning more about our online and on-demand bar review course? Visit or give us a call at (212) 249-3779.


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