The Myth of the “Free” 1L Outline

How many of you signed up with a bar review course in your first year of law school just because that bar review course gave you a “free book” only to have that bar review course charge you $4000 a couple of years later? I bet that book didn’t feel so free then.

The truth is that big box bar review courses can get away with giving away “free” books and outlines, because they charge so much for their product. There is a reason why these companies consistently and constantly are sued by former students. 

The Marino Family practically invented bar review back in 1946. We know what it costs to produce a bar review course and we know that calling something “free” and then charging $4000 is a scam.

Our supplemental workshops start at just $95 and we offer bar exam tutoring for as little as $150 per hour. We are happy to give sample outlines and lectures for FREE, because we genuinely care about you passing the bar exam


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