Bar Review as Football

OK, hear us out… Studying for the Bar Exam is a lot like playing football.

Before you can win the Super Bowl, you need to learn the playbook and practice the plays. Teams that do not practice well or do not know the playbook will struggle to wins games… Which is exactly like the Bar Exam. 

The content outline is the playbook, and your outlines are the plays. Without knowing what plays can be called (the law in general) and without knowing the routes and assignments (the specific testable rules) you wont even be able to play the game. But, as anyone who has ever played football can tell you, practice (doing MBE questions and writing out essays) is the most important part. 

Marino Bar Review recognizes that simply knowing the law is not enough. That is why our Exam Performance Workshops are seamlessly integrated into our Bar Review Course. Other big box bar reviews, simply give you lots of questions with little guidance. That is like practicing without a coach. Marino Bar Review rejects that idea and includes the coach with our course. 

Too many football metaphors? The bottom line is that there are many stages to preparing for the Bar Exam. Other bar review courses ignore the most important part – skill instruction. Marino Bar Review recognizes that practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. 



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