New York Bar Exam Results Are Out!

To see if you passed the bar exam – click here!

To everyone who passed: Congratulations! Welcome to the club, counselors! There are roughly 1.2 million attorneys in the US and we are a close-knit group. It is a pleasure to add all of you (well, most of you) to our esteemed profession.

Remember: Now that you have passed the exam you can start to fulfill your mandatory continuing legal education requirement. Marino Legal CLE is the premier CLE provider for newly admitted Bridge-the-Gap lectures. We offer monthly live CLE lectures designed to make satisfying your CLE requirement as easy as possible. To learn more about your new CLE requirement or to sign up for one of our Bridge-the-Gap lectures, please visit… and use the discount code “NewPass” to receive 25% off of your purchase! 


To all those who were unsuccessful: Don’t give up! Dozens of super successful people have failed the exam to go on to win at life. However, we strongly urge you to prepare differently the second time around. It was Einstein who said that the definition of insanity “is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” 

Marino Bar Review offers the ONLY course designed specifically for students retaking the bar exam. By focusing on exam performance and rule retention (as opposed to just giving a general overview of the law and overloading you with work), you will guarantee your best chance of passing on the second try. 

Free Score Evaluation

For a free, no obligation score evaluation, email the score sheets with a phone number to Emily Marino, who has over 20 years of experience counseling and advising bar applicants, will personally review the scores and will speak with the bar candidate.  She will chart a course for success on the next bar exam. 

The Only Course Designed for the Retaker

Marino Bar Review’s Retaker Course is the only course designed specifically for those retaking the bar exam. Our Course focuses on exam performance skills, as well as the rules needed to pass the bar. Professor Marino has helped retakers pass the bar exam for 74 consecutive exams.   

 Start When Ready

Other courses cater to the first time bar taker, and do not start until late December. Our course is offered completely online, so studying can begin as soon as one is ready.   


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