How Much Time Should I Spend Studying?

Most bar review courses will have you prepare for the bar exam for roughly 8-10 weeks. While that seems like plenty of time, if you ask anyone who has taken the bar exam it can take almost a month to get into the swing of things. Between the break-neck pace of the schedule and being overloaded with content, falling behind becomes the norm. 

Marino Bar Review rejects this idea. We believe that you shouldn’t have to study along with a generic schedule designed for the average student. We know that every student studies differently. That is why Marino Bar Review offers four different versions of our Marino Bar Review Course to suit your personal learning style. This will not only take the stress out of studying, but maximize your chances of passing the bar exam.

Factors include:

Class Rank

If you are in the lower part of your law school class, the National Conference of Bar Examiners recommends you do more for the bar than simply take a standard course. Our courses are designed to put everyone on an even playing field. If you are at the top of your class, you probably do not need to spend $4000 on a bar review course. The fact is that students in the top 10% of their class pass at almost a 95% pass rate. However, students in the bottom 10% of their class may need an extra push to put them on the same playing field as the top 10%. Our courses are designed to give those students the skills they need to turn their legal knowledge into points on the exam


Our bar review schedule is manageable. Most bar review courses will give you a schedule that seems impossible to follow; one missed day can seem like a disaster. Marino Bar Review understands that your schedule is not going to fit seamlessly into a generic one. What if you like to go to the gym each day, what if you have children, what if you are working? We understand that you have a life outside of bar review so we offer schedules for every kind of student. We even schedule off days so you can either catch up or relax. Plus, if at any time during your bar review course you feel overwhelmed or behind, our office is happy to help you get back on track.

Skill Building

If you are having trouble with a particular area of the exam, or a particular substantive topic, our course is designed to help you evaluate your skills and give you strategies and methods for improving your proficiency. 


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