Does Hiring a Tutor Mean I’m Stupid?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: The dirty secret about traditional bar review courses is that, relatively speaking, they do not actually increase your chances of passing the bar exam. If everyone is taking the same bar review course, where is the competitive advantage?

The answer to that question is through a Marino Bar Exam Tutor. By having a personal instructor guide you through the bar review process, you will have the answers and confidence your competition lacks. Because a bar exam tutor will not simply give you one-size-fits-all instruction like your bar review course, you can be sure that your strengths are being maximized and your weaknesses are being corrected. While tutors in elementary school or highschool can be considered remedial, that simply is not the case when studying for the bar exam. A large portion of Marino Bar Tutors’ students are comprised of the top-10% of their graduating class.

Moreover, by combining a bar tutor with Professor Marino’s famous Bar Exam Workshops, you are able to not only learn the law in a more efficient manner, but are also able to put the law you learn into action to maximize your points.


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