Online Bar Review v. In Classroom Bar Review

A big factor in determining which bar review course you should take is whether you plan on taking your bar review course online or in a classroom. On one hand taking a course online is less expensive and less rigid with when you can view content than an in classroom bar review, but, on the other hand, some less motivated students might actually prefer the strict schedule required in a in classroom bar review.

Back in the early 1990’s, Marino Bar Review offered an in-classroom bar review course at live locations throughout the country. Of course, that was before access to the internet became widespread and before computers were affordable. While Professor Marino recognized that there were many shortcomings to this method (is watching a video of a lecture in a classroom truly conducive to learning?), there were simply no other options.

Today, after conducting thorough research and carefully weighing the pros and cons, Marino Bar Review has decided to go with a 100% fully-online bar review course. When we say that we are “fully-online” we do not just mean that our materials and lectures are available 24/7, but, rather, that we specially designed our materials and lectures to be viewed online. While other “online” bar reviews offer their lectures online, what they actually offer you is a recorded version of a live lecture that fails to capture the essence of the material and loses plenty in translation. By failing to deliver on the personal nature of an online course, these other bar reviews are unable to effectively communicate the necessary information to the student.

We live in an age of technology where we no longer have to be burdened by certain inefficiencies. The fact that our competitors even offer in-classroom bar reviews, proves just how outdated they are.

Join the bar review revolution and sign up with Marino today!


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