Bar Review: What Is It?

Did you know that almost all bar review courses are following a model designed in the 1940’s.

In the 40’s when formal bar review courses came into existence, the model was to provide substantive content and skill instruction like law school. It was up to the student, following a recommended study schedule, to learn the material and how to score points. Seventy years later, bar review is still doing the exact same thing. However, in the 40’s, bar courses were a unique entity; there was no other source to get content. 
Can you imagine if your doctor practiced 70-year-old medical technique?
Today, content is everywhere. Just go search online. Bar Review courses are selling you something today that you can get from other sources… for FREE. Yet, they are happy to charge you up to $4000!!! 
After 70 years you would think there is a better model… there is with Marino Bar Review

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